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Nouxfest event pass for another person
Price €169.00 / pcs


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Get a Nouxfest event pass for the entire event for another person here. The pass includes all activity trials, presentations, evening programs and most of the courses and other guided activities included in the program, as well as a place for your own tent in the tent camp of the event.

Please note that some special programs and competitions organized in connection with Nouxfest may require a separate participation fee. The content of the pass will become more detailed as the Nouxfest program is completed and the partner network grows.

  • You will receive a voucher code to your email.

  • Send or give the voucher code to another person.

  • This person can use to code to redeem the product "Nouxfest event pass for yourself". The code is valid for purchasing one event pass.

  • You can download a gift card via this link to print for the gift recipient.